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About flatsandfriends

About flatsandfriends

How about just flying to Barcelona, Paris, Helsinki, Cologne or Amsterdam at the weekend? Without having to stay at one of the impersonal suburban glass hotels? No need to ask. It would be great! But how? Where? Sure, there is couch surfing. I always thought that was a super idea, but somehow things have changed. We have changed. Fortunately ;-)


So, this means making your own arrangements. The idea of flatsandfriends was born quickly. Nice people, great flats in all major European cities. And every weekend we can swap flats. Berlin, Oslo, Warsaw, Budapest, Marseille. Okay, there were also long, arduous and heated discussions, as how flatsandfriends should be. What was not surprising due to the amount of alcohol.


And then everything went blow for blow. It is still fun, right to this day. Especially with all of you, who have helped to bring flatsand friends to life. Thank you Kirsche for the design, Lars for programming, Dennis for the front end, Peer for the evenings at the Spanish restaurant (where the name originated), Chris and Carsten for brainstorming and the good ideas, Lars and Rouven for endless loops you have turned to eliminate errors, Alla, the best trainee of all, Ylli, our newest, who is also already working full speed, and of course all the Randel-boys (yes, they make great Nintendo commercials.)


Thank you. We'll see one another. In London, Hamburg, Florence, Copenhagen, Prague, Rome or Vienna.


Alla, Ylli and Roman